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Holo is an American company that has developed a technological platform for Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), made up of hardware (printers and their components), software (tools, controllers and algorithms), materials (binders), and post processes. The Holo platform allows the cost-efficient manufacturing of unique metal parts of various materials, with elaborate shapes, complex geometries, high resolution (up to 25 𝞵) and small size, which cannot be manufactured using other manufacturing methods. . From high purity copper in the form of a paste textured material, Holo’s platform allows for layered printing using proprietary photo-lithography technology. The metallic copper parts produced by Holo are used in thermal management solutions in industries such as Semiconductors, Data Centers, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles and Advanced Electronic Components. In the same way, the company is working in the Health industry specifically in the manufacture of steel and aluminum parts to be used in Robots for Surgical Procedures and in dental applications.