Aurus capital

We are pioneers in
Latin America’s Venture Capital industry

Our Contribution

Strategic Advice

We leverage our extensive experience as investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to provide strategic advice and instill best practices within our portfolio companies. In some cases, portfolio companies benefit from a mentorship program with industry experts.

Leveraging Contacts

Portfolio companies benefit from Aurus’ network for new business development opportunities, business and market intelligence, as well as sales support. Additionally, there are many synergies across our portfolio companies that may lead to partnerships and resource sharing.


We invest a great deal of time evaluating and building out the senior management team. This includes introducing and interviewing prospective candidates.

Management and oversight

We distinguish three levels of involvement in this respect.

A: Constant review of financial statements.

B: Constant review of financial statements and general management practices.

C: Here we define ourselves as company builders. We manage the company while we recruit management and share with it our culture and management standards.

Crisis Management

There are moments in which startups are faced with times of crisis, such as loss of senior management, founders’ disputes, development issues, cash shortage, etc. In such cases, Aurus has stepped in to mediate, collaborate with interim management, and other protective measures for its investments.