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MineSense Technologies Ltd.

Minesense is a Canadian company that has a proprietary sensor and data analytics solution that allows real-time measurement of ore grades of different elements, including copper, molybdenum, arsenic and iron, among others, inside the shovel bucket. Minesense’s technology provides two orders of magnitude greater precision compared to the traditional block model, allowing not only selective extraction, so that only the material that has a mineral content that is relevant to the mining company will continue to the crushing process, but also allows the identification of valuable mineral found in areas that have been classified as ballast. This solution for precision mining integrates both with the fleet management system of mining companies, allowing the automatic redirection of trucks, and with plant systems, allowing the optimization of hydrometallurgical processes.

In addition to generating cost savings and revenue increases, the Minenses solution generates significant impacts from an environmental point of view. Its main clients are mining companies.