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Ecosea is a Chilean company that today has a highly resistant and durable proprietary solution for fish confinement (cages), integrating copper alloy mesh, submersion technology, remote operation systems and advanced production protocols. These cages allow the cultivation of a wide variety of species and can be used both in concessions located in protected areas, as well as in those with high energy or that are far from the coast (Off-Shore). Given the characteristics of the copper alloy, these cages present great productive benefits compared to cages made with nylon mesh, highlighting their anti-fouling properties, resistance to bad weather and predators, low maintenance, and a lower environmental impact since copper alloy screens are 100% recyclable at the end of their long useful life. As a consequence of these benefits, the fish inside the cages have lower mortality, stress and disease rates, as well as higher oxygen levels and a better feed conversion ratio (FCR), which leads to lower operational costs.