Our Venture Capital Funds

Aurus Technology

Aurus Tecnología is the first Chilean VC fund* that focuses exclusively on IT, investing in proven business models with a clear US or European market leader, adapting them to Latin American culture, and also in companies that are developing real innovation that will transform both regional and global markets.

Our investment areas:

Digital Marketing

We invest in companies with strategies focused on mobile applications, performance networks, search engine optimization, image, search, and video technologies, among others.

Open/Big Data

Big data drives growth through sharing and unlocking information internally, while open data creates growth through transparency and shared information.


Our investments in this space focus on infrastructure, logistics, consumer web, flash sales, ecommerce enablers, among others connecting the most compelling Latin markets.

3D Visualization and Printing

We invest in cutting edge technologies in 3D visualization and printing, which we believe will become game changers across several industries.

* This is a Close-End fund. No shares are available for subscription.
* This fund is not regulated by the Comisión para el Mercado Financiero (CMF).

Investment Portfolio

Investment Committee

Diego Valenzuela

Hernán Orellana

Daniel Villablanca