Our Venture Capital Funds

Aurus Bios

Aurus Bios* invests exclusively in Healthcare companies, focusing on early stage companies, with an attractive business potential and scalable technologies that address global challenges.

Our investment areas:


Our portfolio of companies includes early stage developments, with successful preclinical studies and Clinical Phases under development, new therapeutic targets and approaches for treatment of unattended conditions, using disruptive technologies.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

We invest in companies developing products in specialty therapeutic areas where there are diseases and conditions with no treatment yet, or where the available treatments are not effective and /or safe enough, creating a market opportunity.

Diagnostics and Medtech

Medical technologies and diagnostics are the backbone of almost all medical decisions. We invest in companies developing medical devices and technologies that allow safer, quicker and more effective interventions.

* This so there no availability for share subscription.
* This fund is not under regulation or vigilance from Comisión para el Mercado Financiero (CMF).

Investment Portfolio

Investment Committee

Sergio Weinstein

Alvaro Fischer

Jorge Selume

Pablo Valenzuela