Our Venture Capital Funds

Aurus Industrial Tech

Aurus Ventures III, is the first VC global fund* that focuses exclusively on investing in companies that add value to the copper and mining industry. We invest in companies with people of excellence and high growth potential, generating positive impacts in the copper industry value chain.

Our LPs include key players in the industry such as Mitsui, Codelco, The International Copper Association (ICA), BID -FOMIN, CAF, among others.

Our investment areas:

Solutions for the Competitiveness of the Mining Industry

We invest in companies that have innovative proprietary solutions for increasing Mining Industry’s productivity, sustainability and competitiveness, either by reducing water or energy consumption, having safer operations, having more efficient production processes, or by reducing any negative impact on the environment and nearby communities.

Key Inputs for the Mining Processes

We aim to invest in companies able to get contracts (purchase agreements) with Mining Companies to supply either inputs such sustainable energy, water, renewable fuels, reagents, mining goods, etc. Also in companies supplying services such as recycling, waste treatment, information technology services, etc.

Added Value Products

We invest in innovative companies with new value-added copper products (or products made with other by-products of the copper mining industry), or by supplying services that add value to the current copper uses, having the potential to scale internationally.

* This fund is closed, so there no availability for share subscription.
* This fund is not under regulation or vigilance from Comisión para el Mercado Financiero (CMF).

Investment Portfolio

Investment Committee

Hal Stillman

Víctor Pérez

José Pablo Arellano

Yoshinori Takase

José Miguel Musalem

Susana García

Daniel Spechar

Isao Funaki

Tomás Lopes

Eduardo Foix

Sebastian Carmona