Our Commitments

To Potential investees

  • We will always be truthful.
  • We will not waste your time.
  • We will analyze your Project swiftly and seriously.
  • Should we decide not to invest, you will know exactly why.

To Investees

  • We will make your business ours.
  • We will take a close interest in your company.
  • We will help you in everyway we can.
  • We will always share our thoughts with you.
  • Should we, at some moment, see no future for the company we will let yor know it clearly.
  • There will be no “good money” over “bad money”.

To our LPs

  • We will invest alongside with you.
  • We will run the same risks you will be running.
  • By definition, we will manage your investment with the same dedication and diligence as we manage ours.
  • We will keep you duly and truthfully informed.
  • We will share bad news immediately.

To ourselves

  • Build companies.
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of the world by supporting innovation.